Are They Getting Away With It?

This morning I reflected, for a moment, on the one percent and the ninety-nine percent, and how the crisis and ensuing depression have not yet induced meaningful change nor, in more lackadaisical societies such as my own, even serious demand for change other than from a tiny minority. The appalling thought occurred that the same old, same old might simply re-emerge after the present problems pass, and that the one percent, minus a scapegoat or two, might once again be on their merry way, and the ninety-nine percent, back to our way. Then the even more appalling thought occurred that there might be a serious blog post in this. However, upon setting myself for the task, all that came out was a frivolous short story of sorts – if it even deserves the name – that hardly seems befitting of a blogosphere as sober and serious as the economic blogosphere. I suppose if the chaps in the story are thought of as Wall Street, the masters as the government, the substitute teacher as a whistleblower, Charles Bigsby’s grades as the Dow Jones Index, the scapegoat as, well, a scapegoat, and the town folk as Main Street, there might be some loose connection with our current state of affairs. But that would be a stretch.

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