Another Take on Robots, in Light of Marx and the TSSI

Apparently, while I’ve been messing around with fiction and farce, there has been a discussion going on in the economic blogosphere about the impact of robots. I owe this awareness to Magpie, who has put up a good post at his blog. Links to some of the prominent contributions in the debate can be found in Magpie’s post. Usually I would provide the links here also, and perhaps write an in-depth post of my own on the topic, but for once heteconomist, it seems, is ahead of the game, or, more likely, was behind the game last time it was played. So, instead of putting up a new post dealing with the topic in depth, I will simply draw attention to a previous post that relates to some aspects of the present discussion, and make a couple of cursory remarks:

Implications of a Purely Mechanized Economy

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