Heteconomist’s Holiday Message

“Happy holidays, everyone.” No. Too obvious. “Merry Chr …” Potentially offensive. “Happy New …” Too early. Oh dear. I had hoped that this would be unnecessary. Either the end of the world or my ascension into the fifth dimension were supposed to spare me the arduous task of composing a message of well wishes to heteconomist’s “many” readers. (Actually, there are quite a few of you, which is rather sobering, really.) And the task is arduous. There would appear to be no way to satisfy everybody – or even anybody – considering the incredible diversity of those who hang out here coupled with my own social ineptness. To emphasize the heart over the head might please some (yes, I’m thinking of you, jrbarch) but only taunt the tortured souls of others (not you, Magpie). Then there is the antisocial element (e.g. Trixie’s sock puppet, Henri). Admittedly, this mindset comes easier to me. But, all in all, it is surely an impossible task to cater to everybody. The heteconomist community is a hodge podge. For that we make no apology. Just as I have no qualms in presenting what may be the most garbled holiday message ever posted to an economics blog. Let’s face it, some of us mustn’t like economics that much. Why else would we behave in this way?

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