The Divine Truth Message of Jesus and Mary

I’m not sure how well known this is outside Australia, but some say that Jesus and his soul mate Mary Magdalene have reincarnated on earth as Alan John Miller (“AJ”) and Mary Suzanne Luck. Currently based in Kingaroy, Queensland, they teach what they and their supporters consider to be a message of ‘Divine Truth’. Living under a rock, I only became aware of Miller and Luck’s claims while aimlessly browsing YouTube, where various hatchet jobs by current affairs TV shows can be found. Predictably, the shows portray the pair as dangerous, chilling cult leaders. Rather than provide links to these offerings (they are easily locatable on YouTube), I will allow the corresponding Wikipedia entry to suffice. It is actually no more informative than the TV shows, and about as hostile. So, finding myself none the wiser and at least a little intrigued, I decided to look into the matter.

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