Liberation for Heteconomist

Other than under exceptional circumstances*, I have decided to refrain in future from including links to websites that charge for online access. Considering my core 2013 new year’s resolutions were “If it’s not free, I don’t want it” and “If it pays, I won’t do it”, this should have been my stance months ago. This rule will be applied not only to online newspapers but also academic journals and other websites. As time permits, I will remove old links to pay sites and replace them, if necessary for clarity, with the title of the article or post. I am aware that there are currently ways to get around many of these fees, but I choose to be “inconsolable” on this issue. Information wants to be free.

* Update, 5 October 2013: It took a little under seven months to violate this rule, initially intended as ironclad, so the weasel words “Other than under exceptional circumstances” have been added. “We try to be principled but it’s just not humanly possible,” he said, avoiding their gaze.