Give, and it will be given to you

No, don’t worry, this is not a religious lesson. The relevance of the post title – drawn from Luke 6:38 – is the causation it implies between autonomous action and induced behavior. I have been reflecting on the current state of macroeconomic policy in which a purported commitment – a nonsensical one – to reduce the public “debt”-to-GDP ratio exposes an upside-down or back-to-front view of reality that is evidently widespread. The austerians exploit this confusion for their own class-interested ends, a point that Rodger Malcolm Mitchell has tenaciously and effectively hammered away at for some time now (for example, here). These class-interested ends include the breaking of organized labor, dissembling of the welfare state, and the intentional widening of the wealth gap between the 0.1% and the rest of us.

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