Amusing and Informative MMT Video (Re-Post)

At last! The movie version, long in the making, courtesy of Donna D’Souza (Trixie).

Note: This is a re-post of an earlier post of 17 January, now deleted. The comments on that post have been moved to this one.


16 thoughts on “Amusing and Informative MMT Video (Re-Post)

  1. Great job, Trixie: amusing and informative. I know it took a lot of time and ingenuity on your part. It was worth it.

    I await MMT Movie 2.

  2. Thanks all, and thanks for posting Peter.

    I’m somewhat surprised with the overwhelming positive reaction so far. It was hard to know how people would respond since I had THE easiest critics ever. I mean, I could have spent 15 minutes pointing at a tree and Peter still would have applauded the effort. πŸ™‚

  3. Give me 15 minutes and a tree, I guarantee you I will find a pointless, pedantic critique about the type of tree you’re pointing at.

  4. Lol, geerussell, I have no doubt.

    I have this friend that always feels the need to point out how “unrealistic” a movie scene is. And he’s just downright indignant about it too. “OMG, there is NO way those tires would not have blown out on that kind of terrain!” Never mind the scene 10 mins prior with the gigantic gelatinous goo slowly rolling down Main Street. For that? Crickets.

    My favorite criticism was “Hey, ninjas are from Japan!” or “Hey, that was longer than 3 minutes!” Never mind the teleporting or the flying crash-test dummy and vault. Oh, and the zombies.

    Or my attempt at basic algebra initially in the sectoral balances segment and Peter was all “just stop, please use pictures”.

    And yes, I’m going to make an MMT Movie II. It’s going to be the “making” of MMT Movie I. Starring you guys. πŸ™‚

  5. Trixie, I doubt you could have known, but your most recent comment was the 3,333rd (non-spam) comment at heteconomist. (True.) I choose to take this as some kind of omen for the ultimate reach of your movie. It is perhaps the “three thousand, three hundred, and thirty-third time lucky” when it comes to spreading MMT to the wider public.

    However, lay off the trees. Nobody likes to be pointed at!

  6. BTW Trixie

    If you are any relation to the only other D’Souza Ive heard of, I ll bet there are some interesting family reunions!

  7. A friend mentioned recently: if you allowed each of the 7.06 billion people in this world a space of 10’ x 10’ you would need just 25,324.27 square miles to stand them all (that’s 159.14 mile x 159.14 mile). Everybody would fit snugly into West Virginia or Latvia or Sri Lanka; or easily into Scotland or Tasmania.

    So, 7.06B people is not that many. Just imagine a Chinese whisper getting around that $ can be created in unlimited amounts; the real constraint is real resources; vision – the blockages are stupidity and greed – the way ahead is freedom for human beings to develop as human beings! For the economy to serve human potential – not the dumb-ass blinkered vision of myopic governments and the 1%. Translators all-ready in place. It would spread: then there would be an avalanche.

    No-one should think that it is not possible. Things are done by people who say that it is possible: never by the ones who say it is not.

    It has to become real for people. They have to understand what is in it for them! Then they will pass it on. The academics can catch up later if they ever emerge from the clouds. Wall Street find something useful to do.

    Trixie – have watched this 3~4 times now and it grows on me each time, so that means to me, it is good! The more people talk to each other the better.

    Everything that is real is possible!!


  8. Thank you jrbarch (!!!) and studentee! πŸ™‚

    Oh, and Magpie! I missed your comment. As for suing me on the internet, you’re gonna have to take a number. Why do I get that all the time?? πŸ˜‰

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