The Silly Season 3 – Heteconomist Christmas Message 2014

Let me start, in reference to the title of this post, by apologizing to anyone who does not celebrate Christmas. If it’s any consolation, Christmas enthusiasts are just as likely to be offended by the post as anyone else. Being someone who considers himself neither atheist nor theist, agnostic nor Gnostic, human nor inhuman, even I am quite offended. If this is difficult to believe, it will be easier to swallow by the post’s end.

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The Silly Season 1 – Heteconomist in the Gematria Code

Okay, I’m in holiday mode now, even though every hard-working blogger knows that there are no holidays for a blogger. If I think of something serious to post between now and the New Year, I will certainly do so, but sprinkled throughout will probably be a couple of posts fit for the silly season. Hopefully there will be some music, although I’m struggling to find anything sufficiently “on point”. Or maybe there will be a bit of film, or comedy. In the meantime, we will have to satisfy ourselves with a smattering of numerology. Actually, that might not be accurate. Whatever it is will soon become clear.

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Icing on the Cake

Time for a music break. Proceed with caution if in the office or too seriously into economics to countenance such an outrageous waste of cyberspace. The economic content of what follows is arguably minimal. Arguably, it is not even arguable. As always with music breaks, your mileage may vary. It’s unavoidable. I’m sorry. And I feel your pain. Heteconomist has its own core set of musical influences, and it is virtually inevitable that these expose themselves from time to time. The good news is that it’s always possible to infuse the blog with new influences via the comments section. And, of course, if you choose not to click on the videos, no one will ever be the wiser. Perfect.

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OMG Another Hiatus

Admittedly recent posting inactivity here at heteconomist has given a fair impression of a blogger on holiday, but that was just by accident. There was always the thought that a post might appear some day. Now it is time for an actual hiatus, the third in the blog’s checkered history. Posting activity will ease back to zero (though never to less than zero) for “a while”. Thanks go, as always, to the magnificent commenters, especially the prized regulars. Your services to humanity have been monumental. (Monumental as in “great in importance or extent”, not “what a monumental balls up”.) This notification was withheld for as long as decency could allow in polite circles, but eventually a silence becomes too awkward, a pause too pregnant, and “somebody” cracks under the pressure.

2014 New Year’s Resolution

Yes, you read that correctly. Resolution, singular. The truth is it’s very difficult to get much work done when the rest of you are on holiday. It’s lazy of me, admittedly, but your leisurely high spirits permeate the atmosphere, afflicting even the most industrious of economics bloggers. So, be warned, if it wasn’t already obvious, that the economic content of this post will be near zero. Step off now if frivolity is not your thing.

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Heteconomist Holiday Message 2013

Casting a wary eye over old posts, it became clear that this time last year a tradition in the form of an annual holiday message was launched. For bloggers especially taken with the Christmas/New Year spirit, a launch of this kind might make sense. Otherwise, it is surely unwise. It requires coming up with a message that is more or less the same as last year yet different enough to justify its existence.

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Experimenting With the Blog’s Visual Format

Don’t freak out. I can change back to the previous theme if this one doesn’t work out. In the short term, some of the formatting in posts might be a bit iffy. This will be fixed “soon”, although loyal readers will be aware that heteconomist time to world time is as human years to dog years. Apologies for being slack in responding to recent comments. As you can see, I have been “busy” with the experiment.

The Triennial Heteconomist Report

It’s been about three years since the blog started. Out of curiosity I decided to trundle through the record books to see which posts had fared best in the popularity stakes and how this list compared with my personal favorites. It is not an exact science, as any blogger will be aware. The list is not definitive, although the identity of the top post is obvious. The make-up of the top ten is also fairly clear, but not its ordering. Early posts are disadvantaged, because the blog has obviously grown over time. By the same token, early posts listed on the Posts To Read First page receive a boost. They tend to get a steady but modest flow of readers over time. Anyway, without further ado …

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