… On Raising the Level of Collective Consciousness [III] – The Human Experience

GUEST POST by jrbarch: There is a longing inside of every human being that we do not know how to label consensually. We call it the search for joy, contentment, clarity, knowledge, divinity, wholeness, truth, love-wisdom. No matter the label assigned, it is the same thing. But we cannot clarify the meaning this label masks. Mind jumps in, and like a used-car salesman announces, brashly: “Boy have I got a solution for you”. In this day and age, the solution is the political-economy, science, entertainment, and materialism – and there is nothing wrong with any of these, if manifest in harmony with and background to, existence. But mind has never been able to solve our quest. Our societies have never been able to fulfil our quest. Because it is the heart that needs to be fulfilled – not the mind. Mind will always be restless, creative, inquisitive, and have more questions than answers. The heart seeks but one answer, its focus is singular; and within that one answer, all other questions are resolved.

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777, the Number of the Beast & the Meaning of Life

Readers who infer from the title of this post that silliness is to follow would do well to heed the wisdom of their own inference and get out now if silliness is not their thing. Readers hoping for economics might likewise flee to the mountains to avoid persecution of their senses. Readers reaching this particular sentence of the post’s introduction are assumed to be as ready for silliness as its author and can be under no illusions as to what follows. To those of you remaining, congratulations: you are the heart and soul of what makes Heteconomist what it is.

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Heteconomist Holiday Amusement 1

It has been pretty serious around here of late. Perhaps that is excuse enough to let our proverbial hair down for a week or so. That hair may be more proverbial for some than others. But who’s really counting at this time of year? It’s not clear, exactly, what Heteconomist might actually have done to deserve credit for the holiday amusement, other than to slap together a few YouTube videos featuring the comic and/or musical talents of others. But here, too, who’s really going to notice? It’s the festive season.

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… On Raising the Level of Collective Consciousness [II]

GUEST POST by jrbarch: To recap what was said about Mind, previously:

  1. Proper use of the mind is just as important as a healthy body and emotions
  2. The fourth noble truth of the Buddha embraced this in his eight-fold path
  3. There are great conditioning ideas that influence mankind
  4. Mind has a regressive tendency to crystallise, compartmentalise, and build walls between compartments
  5. Mind progressively, is essentially a light-bearer (the light of understanding)
  6. Mind receives impressions from the three worlds (physical emotional mental) and is rapidly thrown into thought-forms in response; but it also receives impressions from higher sources
  7. Mind and intellect are picture-makers; the real intelligence is the Observer or Self
  8. Mind is a screen on which is reflected an ‘interpretation’ by the persona of
    1. an impression the senses have generated or pattern the intellect has woven
    2. an impression thrown down by the Observer
    3. an impression from the formless world (abstract mind)
  9. Universal truths such as the existential material psychological and spiritual brotherhood of man and fatherhood of the Divine taught by the Christ, and four noble truths taught by the Buddha, resonate in every human heart – and are handed down to humanity, to germinate as does a seed; branching and descending further downwards into human nature, clothing themselves in the best of human thought possible, awaiting revelation as fact
  10. When mind fails, it fails altogether as fantasy and illusion, sociopathy and psychopathy; lying becomes the norm
  11. Without the heart, mind leads to darkness, bondage, oblivion
  12. In this sense, mind is the slayer of the Real
  13. The journey from the periphery of mind to the centrality of the human heart is human reality: – whether we know it or not, whether we are caught up in the affairs of the world or not
  14. Mind desires many things: – the heart is singular. Mind lives on vapour – the heart lives on substance
  15. Steps back to the center are recognisable in humanity and are the subject of this post
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… On Raising the Level of Collective Consciousness [I]

GUEST POST by jrbarch: There are three major fields of thought or areas, before our consciousness, present in the mind:

1. Science – including education
2. Philosophy – great conditioning ideas
3. Psychology – what is man essentially, and how does he function?

The first two deal with the proper use of the mind and intellectual faculty – the power of discrimination – so that correct knowledge arises from correct perception, correct deduction, and correct witness (accurate evidence). Governments around the world commit a grave crime against humanity by LYING in order to sustain their particular ideology. So does the advertising and entertainment industries. No parent would LIE to their children if they wanted their kids to grow up with a clear mind and right habitual use of the mental faculties; and to be in touch, inside of themselves, with a sense of integrity, dignity and self-respect, extending to others. People forget that it is our behaviour towards one another, based on the inclusivity and universality of the sense of self, that determines what happens in the world; the ideologies are not necessarily compelling. It depends upon whether or not we are willing to be slaves, to whatever mind says. Or to put it in other words, whether or not our relations with ourselves and others come from a deeper place, free of all ideologies, because they are centred in the greater reality of being.

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Syriza — Strategy or Weakness?

Despite some appearances to the contrary, I remain hopeful that Syriza will hold firm in its resistance to austerity. It may be that the Greek government is positioning itself so that, in the event of exit, it is seen to have been forced off the euro rather than to have willingly opted out. In the event of exit, it could make a significant difference to the response of others (such as the US, the IMF, not to mention the Greek people themselves) that Syriza is seen to have been pushed into a corner, left with no choice, rather than to have been enthusiastic in any break away from the common currency.

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Either the Troika Has No Hand, Or I’m No Game Theorist

A notable quote (h/t Tom Hickey at Mike Norman Economics):

Germany’s Mr Gabriel said any debt relief for Greece is out of the question at this stage since it would cause a collapse of discipline across the eurozone, triggering copycat demands from other countries in distress. “It would blow up the euro,” he said.

I am no game theorist, but to me Mr Gabriel’s statement underscores that if Syriza holds firm, Greece will ultimately win one way or the other …

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The Silly Season 3 – Heteconomist Christmas Message 2014

Let me start, in reference to the title of this post, by apologizing to anyone who does not celebrate Christmas. If it’s any consolation, Christmas enthusiasts are just as likely to be offended by the post as anyone else. Being someone who considers himself neither atheist nor theist, agnostic nor Gnostic, human nor inhuman, even I am quite offended. If this is difficult to believe, it will be easier to swallow by the post’s end.

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The Silly Season 1 – Heteconomist in the Gematria Code

Okay, I’m in holiday mode now, even though every hard-working blogger knows that there are no holidays for a blogger. If I think of something serious to post between now and the New Year, I will certainly do so, but sprinkled throughout will probably be a couple of posts fit for the silly season. Hopefully there will be some music, although I’m struggling to find anything sufficiently “on point”. Or maybe there will be a bit of film, or comedy. In the meantime, we will have to satisfy ourselves with a smattering of numerology. Actually, that might not be accurate. Whatever it is will soon become clear.

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