2014 New Year’s Resolution

Yes, you read that correctly. Resolution, singular. The truth is it’s very difficult to get much work done when the rest of you are on holiday. It’s lazy of me, admittedly, but your leisurely high spirits permeate the atmosphere, afflicting even the most industrious of economics bloggers. So, be warned, if it wasn’t already obvious, that the economic content of this post will be near zero. Step off now if frivolity is not your thing.

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Heteconomist Holiday Message 2013

Casting a wary eye over old posts, it became clear that this time last year a tradition in the form of an annual holiday message was launched. For bloggers especially taken with the Christmas/New Year spirit, a launch of this kind might make sense. Otherwise, it is surely unwise. It requires coming up with a message that is more or less the same as last year yet different enough to justify its existence.

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Experimenting With the Blog’s Visual Format

Don’t freak out. I can change back to the previous theme if this one doesn’t work out. In the short term, some of the formatting in posts might be a bit iffy. This will be fixed “soon”, although loyal readers will be aware that heteconomist time to world time is as human years to dog years. Apologies for being slack in responding to recent comments. As you can see, I have been “busy” with the experiment.

The Triennial Heteconomist Report

It’s been about three years since the blog started. Out of curiosity I decided to trundle through the record books to see which posts had fared best in the popularity stakes and how this list compared with my personal favorites. It is not an exact science, as any blogger will be aware. The list is not definitive, although the identity of the top post is obvious. The make-up of the top ten is also fairly clear, but not its ordering. Early posts are disadvantaged, because the blog has obviously grown over time. By the same token, early posts listed on the Posts To Read First page receive a boost. They tend to get a steady but modest flow of readers over time. Anyway, without further ado …

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Couple of Jesus and Mary Links

Earlier in the year, I posted an attempted point-form overview of the Divine Truth message of Alan John Miller (“AJ”) and Mary Luck, who say they are Jesus and Mary Magdalene of the first century reincarnated. In making this claim, they are not suggesting that Jesus is God, as might mistakenly be inferred on the basis of what is taught in various strains of Christianity, but instead that Jesus of the first century was an ordinary man who learned the ‘way’ to atonement with God – a way equally open to all that centers on developing a desire for truth and love in humility. In particular, a genuine longing for God’s divine love to enter a person’s heart is what is said to enable soul development and eventual atonement.

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Liberation for Heteconomist

Other than under exceptional circumstances*, I have decided to refrain in future from including links to websites that charge for online access. Considering my core 2013 new year’s resolutions were “If it’s not free, I don’t want it” and “If it pays, I won’t do it”, this should have been my stance months ago. This rule will be applied not only to online newspapers but also academic journals and other websites. As time permits, I will remove old links to pay sites and replace them, if necessary for clarity, with the title of the article or post. I am aware that there are currently ways to get around many of these fees, but I choose to be “inconsolable” on this issue. Information wants to be free.

* Update, 5 October 2013: It took a little under seven months to violate this rule, initially intended as ironclad, so the weasel words “Other than under exceptional circumstances” have been added. “We try to be principled but it’s just not humanly possible,” he said, avoiding their gaze.

Music is Better than Economics

Some may feel that a post on economics might be in order. Perhaps a comment or two on the “Positive Money” proposal that has recently been explained in plain language? But it’s hard to care about economics some days. So instead I migrated to YouTube and began listening to Peter & Kerry who, according to the Guardian (here), is the band “least likely to split an infinitive”. That seems pretext enough for featuring them in a post.

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The Divine Truth Message of Jesus and Mary

I’m not sure how well known this is outside Australia, but some say that Jesus and his soul mate Mary Magdalene have reincarnated on earth as Alan John Miller (“AJ”) and Mary Suzanne Luck. Currently based in Kingaroy, Queensland, they teach what they and their supporters consider to be a message of Divine Truth. Living under a rock, I only became aware of Miller and Luck’s claims while aimlessly browsing YouTube, where various hatchet jobs by current affairs TV shows can be found. Predictably, the shows portray the pair as dangerous, chilling cult leaders. Rather than provide links to these poor excuses for journalism (they are easily locatable on YouTube), I will allow the corresponding Wikipedia entry to suffice. It is actually no more informative than the TV shows, and almost as hostile. Its author seems to take anything on television at face value. So, finding myself appalled by the state of current affairs television, disappointed in Wikipedia and at least a little intrigued, I decided to look into the matter for myself.

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