Fuck Austerity, Time for a JIG

Whenever somebody on the street asks me for spare change, which seems to be happening a lot lately, it reminds me of the song Coin Laundry by Lisa Mitchell. Your mileage may vary, but I think it is beautiful.


9 thoughts on “Fuck Austerity, Time for a JIG

  1. This makes me want to set myself on fire in front of a Tiffany’s or J.P. Morgan (at least they would know who I was). Would it make a difference? Doubtful. Perhaps a simple note directing to your website would though.

    FUCK the system.

  2. Wow that song was in my head the whole day.
    You, Australians, are very talented people.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it, Ryan. I don’t have a particularly favorable view of this place. Yes, there are plenty of talented and wonderful people, like anywhere, but the neoliberal lunacy dominates policy here as much as anywhere, and the country has long had racist policies, both internationally and domestically, despite the fiction of a “fair go” for all, which has always been more myth than reality. See this terrific post by Magpie for some idea of the way the unemployed and other low-income individuals are treated here and the prevalence of bigotry and ignorance within society, encouraged and manipulated by politicians on both sides of mainstream politics.

  4. Seems like capitalism, technology and entertainment are our current ‘dreamtime’ peterc, just like tribal, slave and feudal dreamtime in days gone by. Anyone who dares think outside the box is definitely labeled ‘strange’. I like those early jitterbug films of life on cobblestone streets made for horses; or modern sped up films of downtown NY – hints of reality hidden in the abstract! The notion of Space~Time as substance, warped, down which planet earth and galaxies roll. Tell me about reality …. and certainty! And Yes, we need better solutions for our beautiful and absolutely unique, blue green white jewel of a planet NOW …. (the bit in Time we’re glued to). Our problem is unconsciousness ….!

    Coin Laundry is a beautifully poignant reminder: if Dan (querying in the post above) needs a definition of a ‘capitalist system’, maybe look no further than a coin devouring washing machine on an endless invariant cycle and somebody struggling for a ‘dollar’. She is young, still innocent, a bit tarnished by the world (not her fault). All she really wants is love.

    But you know, for a very long time it has been said: no need to look toward the (boy)!

    “What you are looking for is already inside of you. Aspiring is the song of the heart. A breath comes in and you are alive! No assumptions can be made about Life. Whatever is inside of you is inside of you. Knowing what is inside of you is fundamental. When recognition happens, when simplicity is the key – understanding dawns; when trust blossoms, when the friendship is fully established, it becomes Love”.

    Like that girl in the coin laundry, Love is the most important thing to a human being (we just ‘confuddle’ it with everything else). The mind lives on vapour; the heart wants something that is real. And, it must be real ….

    “There is no end to the ability of this heart to reward you with the gift of joy”! Even as the world dreams on and the worlds and Time slip by …..

    Who looks outside dreams; who looks within, awakens. Carl Jung 1900

    If people thought about Time more, they would realise that most of their solutions will end up in museums !!!!

  5. “Seems like capitalism, technology and entertainment are our current ‘dreamtime’ peterc, just like tribal, slave and feudal dreamtime in days gone by. Anyone who dares think outside the box is definitely labeled ’strange’.”

    I was just reading a news story about John Huntsman saying that the GOP is off the wall these days. He was the only person remotely qualified to be president in my view, and they blew him off.

    Welcome to la-la land, or what used to be the good old USA.

  6. It was Huntsman’s “call me crazy” tweet that did him in:

    “To be clear. I believe in evolution and trust scientists on global warming. Call me crazy.”

    But it was entertaining to watch the GOP all faint at once. Only proof of divine intervention I’ve ever seen.


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