Heteconomist Holiday Amusement 1

It has been pretty serious around here of late. Perhaps that is excuse enough to let our proverbial hair down for a week or so. That hair may be more proverbial for some than others. But who’s really counting at this time of year? It’s not clear, exactly, what Heteconomist might actually have done to deserve credit for the holiday amusement, other than to slap together a few YouTube videos featuring the comic and/or musical talents of others. But here, too, who’s really going to notice? It’s the festive season.

If it hasn’t exactly been noses to the grindstone all year in this small sector of the cyber universe, it has at the very least been a very serious business indeed in many respects, with embarrassing admissions of past errors in predicting the end of the world (including twice this year alone) and a short-lived plan some of us had to give up coffee. (What a ridiculous idea that was! Such delicious stuff.) Well, at least for the next few days, it is safe to say that “business hours are over, baby”.

With the sweet whiff – at last! – of some much needed leisure time (or, at least, arguably “much needed” leisure time), what could nerdy (allegedly) economics bloggers, commenters and readers turn to in their precious downtime? Perhaps to the piano to create a song that nobody will hear?

Perhaps it would be better to watch a music video instead? Maybe. But it would have to be one where everybody was pulling the most beautifully expressive faces at the camera. That would be a must.

Or perhaps a long relaxing walk to the top of the hill is in order, all the way to the lookout, to, you know, look out.

Yikes. That was a close call. After witnessing that, the thought occurs that we might be better off in the safety of our own homes. Even if it’s not for the militant, class-conscious purpose of staging a revolutionary sit-in in which we all just sit, in, until capitalism collapses, we could at least do the sitting part. Considering it has been more than a year since we planned the sit-in, perhaps it’s time we finally got around to sitting down, in a nice comfy chair, and seeing what happens. We might find that things are best “right here”, rather than on the top of that hill, where rather scary things seem to happen.

Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but after that I might actually feel too bitter-sweet happy to sit down. Maybe the revolution will have to wait another year.

Happy holidays.