Icing on the Cake (Music)

Time for a music break. Proceed with caution if in the office or too seriously into economics to countenance such an outrageous waste of cyberspace. The economic content of what follows is arguably minimal. Arguably, it is not even arguable. As always with music breaks, your mileage may vary. It’s unavoidable. I’m sorry. And I feel your pain. Heteconomist has its own core set of musical influences, and it is virtually inevitable that these expose themselves from time to time. The good news is that if you choose not to click on the videos, no one will ever be the wiser. Perfect.

If I am interpreting La Roux correctly in the following track (highly unlikely), the powers that be (“he”) want to mess around with the economists “at the Sexotheque”. The rest of us (“she”) would prefer the economists did their job without fear or favor. The economy, after all, remains in pretty bad shape. Received theory, devised mainly down at the Sexotheque, suggests that it’s our fault.

It is sometimes alleged that economists (“Jezebel”) are easy to buy off on Wall Street (“Easy Street”). And it might be thought that when Wall Street gets its way, Main Street (“we”) roll over rather agreeably. It’s possible, I suppose, that the Thompson Twins had other considerations in mind, but doubtful.

The message of this next Duran Duran video should make sense to homo economicus. “When it comes to making money, say, ‘Yes, please. Thank you.'” It makes perfect sense, at least, so long as you don’t question it.

Trouble is, sometimes questioning does occur (yes, I’m looking at The Veronicas). Homo economicus, we assumed you’d never question the purpose of your existence. We assumed it for your own good. Questioning leads to confusion and identity crises. If not careful, you’ll start acquiring grand ideas about yourself. Like you’re human, for instance, and not homo economicus at all.

Humans desire all sorts of irrational things. Fulfillment. Hope. Love. Please. You should have listened to the economists before it was too late. There’ll be no turning back.

After trial and tribulation you might even realize you’re Stephen “Tin Tin” Duffy’s icing on the cake. If many more realize this, the days of the economists could be numbered.