Last Refuge of the Scoundrels

When all else fails, give it a Nobel Peace Prize.

I hear the Greek and Spanish youth are singing,

“All we are saying, is give EU a chance.”

What a sick joke.

(Yes, as usual, I’m late on the news. To quote another Nobel Laureate, “So?”)


8 thoughts on “Last Refuge of the Scoundrels

  1. Incidentally, in case I have given the mistaken impression that I consult newspapers, that is not where I learned of the news. I read about it in Bulgarian:

    Да се смея или да плача? (“To Laugh or Cry?”, according to google translate)

    having forgotten that I had previously read about it at Mike Norman Economics a couple of days ago:

    EU, euro, win Nobel Peace Prize!

    after having forgotten that I had read about it at billy blog a couple of months ago:

    IMF to get Nobel Peace Prize in 2013

  2. Yeah, I just saw that. Your post piqued my curiosity. Unreal.

    I’ve been focused on what’s going on in Michigan right now. Another GOP surprise attack on collective bargaining, similar to what happened in Wisconsin last year. The onslaught continues on several fronts. It’s hard to keep track anymore.

  3. It’s hard to keep track anymore.

    Ain’t that the truth. As Mike at MNE wrote in the link included in my previous comment :

    “The whole world has gone mad!”

  4. Mike Norman is a moron. MMT has their own version of Morgan Warstler. Both of whom spent their high school years getting stuffed into lockers.

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