Let’s Go

Come on, what’s going on? This should have happened already! Love not war. Cooperation not competition. Liberty, equality, fraternity. Too easy! What’s the hold up? Let’s go!


14 thoughts on “Let’s Go

  1. No worries Peter, we’ve got this since I still have two charges left on my invisibility cloak.

    Ich bin ein berliner!!!

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted to say that, even if unrelated.

  2. Still only two on board? I can see this revolution may take a little longer than I thought …

    This is not the first time I’ve made such a mistake:

    Three years later I was at university and found myself in an economics tutorial conducted by a tutor who had forgotten to bring the set questions for discussion. The tutor spent the first half hour discussing a Hal Hartley film, which was not on the syllabus, then led us all to a nearby cafΓ© to get to know each other. Eventually we ended up at a pub. Some time after midnight, with only a few stragglers remaining, the conversation somehow turned to casinos. I professed the view that it was impossible to beat them. The tutor – who I now know as Mr X – agreed. We ordered more beer and turned our attention to socialist revolution, which we believed imminent. Shortly after, the Berlin Wall came down, and the Soviet Union collapsed. (Impossible Blueprint for Success)

  3. I’d wondered about silent raves as a way to get round the UK Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994. People wishing to attend the rave would download a phone app that would direct them to a public space (e.g. a park). When they get to the space, the app would recognise that they’ve arrived using the GPS and start broadcasting the rave channels of DJs or bands who are playing the rave. The ravers can dance with their headphones on. All totally silent, therefore legal.

  4. Psst…I’m on moderation. Guess what? ‘NotTrixie’ is actually Trixie. Tricky, I know. Must I tell you EVERYTHING?

  5. Please. A little patience. Take a leaf out of NotTrixie’s book, who smiled even though moderated.

    Oh, now I see what you did. Patience is the opposite of what this thread is about. I like it. Let’s go!

  6. Well, that’s because ‘NotTrixie’ made her debut here a couple weeks ago (go ahead and look). To add to the headcount. I just wanted to make sure you didn’t feel like the worst revolutionary in the history of revolutionaries.

    So we are up to 5 now! And yes, I counted myself twice.

    “We’re gonna need a bigger boat”

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