… On Raising the Level of Collective Consciousness [I]

GUEST POST by jrbarch: There are three major fields of thought or areas, before our consciousness, present in the mind:

1. Science – including education
2. Philosophy – great conditioning ideas
3. Psychology – what is man essentially, and how does he function?

The first two deal with the proper use of the mind and intellectual faculty – the power of discrimination – so that correct knowledge arises from correct perception, correct deduction, and correct witness (accurate evidence). Governments around the world commit a grave crime against humanity by LYING in order to sustain their particular ideology. So does the advertising and entertainment industries. No parent would LIE to their children if they wanted their kids to grow up with a clear mind and right habitual use of the mental faculties; and to be in touch, inside of themselves, with a sense of integrity, dignity and self-respect, extending to others. People forget that it is our behaviour towards one another, based on the inclusivity and universality of the sense of self, that determines what happens in the world; the ideologies are not necessarily compelling. It depends upon whether or not we are willing to be slaves, to whatever mind says. Or to put it in other words, whether or not our relations with ourselves and others come from a deeper place, free of all ideologies, because they are centred in the greater reality of being.

A long time ago Buddha established the path of Right Knowledge, Right Thought, Right Speech, and Right Activity; and with regard to the outer world, Right Means of Livelihood, Right Exertion, Right Memory; all bound together by Right Concentration – to engender a growing sense of responsibility through a wider sense of self, and power to demonstrate discriminative choice. To this, Christ added the ‘brotherhood of man and fatherhood of the Divine’ based on inner realities to be discovered by man (i.e. consistent with science, philosophy and psychology), beyond the belief systems of the world’s religions (includes agnostics and atheists) and most of which goes under the spirituality label – which is why they are not included in the above list.

The great conditioning ideas (many pundits know them studiously – dictatorship, capitalism, religion, communism, socialism, democracy, business, materialism) should be transparent to the mind of humanity, so that we can all decide what in them is good for us, and what needs to be transformed. All civilisations and cultures are based on an ideology. I have a bit of a soft spot for the Chaldeans, living in the Euphrates valley who tinkered with their version of astrology. There is not much difference between the Egyptians erecting pyramidal tombs and wannabe pharaohs erecting skyscrapers on Wall St. I am not widely read, but I think that philosophy has fallen behind in general, or perhaps been distracted in more abstract pursuits, in bringing these ideologies clearly to the public consciousness in a language everyone can understand; and/or in participating more fully in the education system – teaching people how to think logically, but more importantly, with detached observation of their own and others minds. Detachment from the mind is the pivotal point. Mind should be read like the sky – clouds of thought will build and change, storm and clear, ideologies will drift across the historical landscape – today’s news will pass and you have no way of verifying most of it anyway. Most of what we call truth is actually conditional – the whole universe is conditional. Mind is so fundamental to a human being – we should understand its nature and be able to use it properly in full awareness of its limitations: – which means not being swayed by ideology or emotion. Being able to step outside of the mind and the ‘I’ is a simple but profound prelude to creative thought. Play with clouds but with a purpose in sight. Mind is usually caught up in space (the current environment) and time (the age we live in) and the ‘I’ – the dramatic sense of self that cannot know death: – and we, like a spider trapped in its own web, are caught up in it.

Mind compartmentalises and builds walls between compartments within science, philosophy and psychology. Ethics for example, becomes social, political, and cultural; anthropologists have distant communion with sociologists and economists. Mind fragments human existence in order to study its aspects and attributes, but forgets to tie them all back together again – in fact has no clue how to tie them all back together again – even though they emerge from the one human consciousness, and impact both the individual and the aggregate. The sciences become like wells into which researchers descend, to find a seemingly endless cavern beneath; but then forget where the ladder is, or the fact that the landscape is peppered with other wells and researchers.

Mind is essentially, a light-bearer: – it responds to the light of the highest that is in man, especially the light or energy of love; and when it fuses with love, we call that wisdom. All wisdom is knowledge gained through experience and implemented by love. In the esoteric traditions, the brain exists because the mind exists, and needs the brain as a focal point upon the physical plane. Behind the mind is the Observer, who uses mind to convey to the persona, focused in the physical world, the nature of the Observer’s realm; the nature of the realm of Being above that; and the hidden nature of the lower realm of which we are all far too familiar, in which the human persona is born lives and dies. Each persona is absolutely unique.

Mind receives impressions from the three worlds (physical emotional mental) and is rapidly thrown into thought-forms in response; but it also receives impressions from higher sources that are not clear to science, philosophy, and psychology yet, although many theories abound. Mind is the common sense, a sixth sense that synthesises, orders, interprets and evolves these impressions into ‘world thought’ or ‘world views’, transforming the highest impressions we can attune to, into human ideals and knowledge, workable factors in human evolution and our civilisations and cultures. Intellect is more a finishing tool than a creative tool. Logic is a sequential tool – building threads across the mind that are woven into plans and purposes meant to fulfil some world view (e.g. atomic and sub-atomic theory; theories about the genesis of the universe; the ideologies of the Egyptians and Wall St). It is an incredibly natural and beautiful pursuit to weave such patterns and colours in the mind in the search for truth and light, but much more dangerous to turn impressions into LIES and confusion; LOGIC into a warped mesh through which light cannot penetrate (politics).

Mind and intellect are not organs of vision. I think this is hard to understand because we think the mind is like some little torchlight that we shine on the universe and ourselves. The human heart is the organ of vision because the heart is, once fully revealed, the Observer. It is the Intelligence or the Knower. It is the Being, back and behind of mind. Its energy is pure Love. If those researchers busy in their wells ever want to find their way out or confer with their fellows in diverse fields, they are going to have to learn how to ‘feel’ – to find love; in order to find the light they need to enjoy the communion from self to Self. Scientifically, philosophically and psychologically if they must, through lab controls – but in the end the only prerequisite is to be human, and to allow the heart to open. ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see, G.O.D.’ (the universal energy which generates, operates and destroys everything) – a simple, non-religious, non-spiritual, matter-of-fact, reality based statement. To learn how to open the heart, through understanding, commitment and practice – the time honoured tradition has been to find a living Teacher. He or she may not have a science degree, but they are a master of the journey: – Kabir, for example, was a weaver. A living Teacher because, even if the words of a Buddha or a Christ are available, as they are today in written form – it was only in their presence that the words came alive; their gift was to make the human heart resonate, and the experience emerge in consciousness (mind simply a witness). An article such as this, is one little drop of human consciousness in an ocean – it is only the Teacher that can make it real for many. Because love is the golden thread that defragments the mind and brings all of science, philosophy and science back together, ties them all into one garland; love is the only path that leads back to the Self, and the Self synthesises everything. For the Self, the world of the human persona is one. Harmony in the making.

Mind is simply a screen on which is reflected an ‘interpretation’ by the persona of an impression, thrown down by the Observer or through the Observer; or an interpretation by the persona of what the senses have revealed, or the intellect has woven. The confusion arises because the mind contains a conditioned thought-form we call the ‘I’ that has evolved since birth. Most people think that they are the mind or the ‘I’; and whatever happens to the mind or the thought-form of the ‘I’, happens to them. As the emotions ebb and flow, and the thoughts like clouds, coalesce and disperse – the ‘I’ is swept back and forth, up and down, around and around. Then you die. The Buddha’s path above was meant to lead the aspirant out of the realm of relations of the ‘I’ to the universality of the Observer. People forget the time spent as a child when the ‘I’ was little more than an outpost of consciousness; a simple ‘uneducated’ point of awareness that was the Self – as a child we learnt everything through feeling. Now, we see conditionally, through the veil of our ideologies and desires; but we do not see the essence of those ideologies and desires. We do not see the ‘seed’ from which the ideology has been woven.

Philosophy should teach humanity about each world view dispassionately, and rise above them all, extracting – like a bee – the essence or human truth that is their kernel. I wish I knew how to describe this perfectly: – a simple truth, a simple impression, a simple ideal or aspect of our true being, resonating in every human heart – is handed down to the mind of the persona, to actuate as does a seed, growing and descending further into human nature, clothing itself in the best of human thought possible. Unfortunately, given our materialism and point of evolution, this growth becomes so enmeshed in the desires and manipulations of the ‘I’, so bound up in concepts and trains of logic relevant to the ‘I’, its light is all but shut out – or even misused, to further greedy ambitions of ‘I’s who have no sensitivity to the originating source. The great truths are revelation if you like, endeavouring to express themselves in the limited minds of the civilisation and culture of the age. Somebody looks up into the stars wheeling overhead at night and feels the profoundest awe, a deep communion with nature – mind gets a hold of it and turns it into a belief system and ceremonies run by priests. Mind is event driven, fascinated by the waves on the ocean (news cycle); rarely considering the deeper currents below or the existence of the ocean itself.

It’s like a cyclone: each kernel is at the center, clear and in harmony with every other, as aspects and attributes of our being; but as you move out towards the periphery, mind adds layer upon layer of thought, creating inevitable conflict; wraps a simple truth in concepts that fight each other, with a devastating effect on relationships. Moving from the center to the periphery, mind creates cleavages, separation, tensions; and as the crisis blows up, now and again an opportunity for a point of emergence. Cleavage is the divide between the Sunni and Shia over succession, into which bottomless well flows concepts, hatred and blood; or the divides between the US, Russia and China, and their anti-life deployment of the Muslim fiery conflict to their own ends. We have to recognise mind for what it is: – used like this it is not our friend.

When mind fails, it fails altogether as fantasy and illusion, sociopathy and psychopathy – (which pretty much describes the mindset of some of our so-called ‘world-leaders’). Moving towards the center things become inevitably simpler and beautiful. All sane human beings desire harmony, peace, equilibrium, right adjustment to life and circumstances, and right and balanced human relations. In order to find our way back to the center, what is required is a universal spirit of good-will; a will-to-Good; a principle of Sharing and a conscious recognition of direction, a compass, a map to know where we are; to understand momentum and consequence – and above all, an understanding of what it means to be human. For me, this involves understanding the journey from the periphery back to the center – and above all, it means the understanding and acceptance of an untapped and infinite well in humanity, and in each heart – Love. Finding your thirst, recognising your thirst, is the first step.

The mind is the slayer of the Real.

To the Observer in me, as best as I can express it – socialism is as simple as the great conditioning idea of public purpose or group evolution: – communism, the Commons; democracy – listening to others, letting them have their say, respect; capitalism, private purpose/self-evolution; all under the aegis of the one overarching Law – ‘do no harm’. We are all musicians and the human persona is the instrument. What starts off as a pure note is layered and debased by the mind, rather than used as a creative seed. Energy and consciousness are synonymous terms. Each ideology has thousands of concepts, thousands of books written about it: – philosophy for me at least, should lead us back to their root rather than further out onto the branches or get lost in the forest, blind to the trees. If philosophy is a tree, it should give shade and shelter, sustenance: – or what else is it good for?

The legal profession too, has fallen behind in protecting people from the excesses of mind. And we all know the political class is bought and sold as privileged slaves in the ‘free markets’. The military, unless they are protecting human life, are anti-life. To kill another human being is the most anti-life thing there is. There is no human Cause greater than a human life.

The Age of Materialism has wrought itself out through greed, hate, separativeness and aggression, leading ultimately to world war. War truly begins in the minds of men. Mind says ‘I must persist’, ‘my ideology must persist’ – and whole regions and tribes, communities and nations are devastated in the pursuit of its impossible fulfilment. That is not a good business plan for humanity. Mind, untrained, unconscious, irresponsible, unchallenged, is not our friend. If nothing else is taken from this article, I think this one point should be remembered: without the heart, the mind is a monster – it leads to darkness, bondage, oblivion …. and then restitution – because Life will destroy the unsuccessful, recycle, and try again.

Just as with individual human beings, if the subjective relations between the nations are emphasised and the outer frictions and the objective disagreements are ignored, a great fusion of human interests can take place that has the potential to be binding and lasting.

If: –

• the stark contrast, cleavage, widening chasms, inevitable regression arising between separateness and right human relations is clearly seen (so that we don’t persist, lemming style, in waltzing ourselves over the cliff-face anymore)
• the spectre of Greed is fully exposed
• the role mind plays in creating illusion and glamour is tackled head-on
• the reality of moving from the periphery of consciousness to the center is at least contemplated as human potential and a solution to the wildness of the mind in us
• the thirst in human kind for peace is recognised as persisting throughout the millennia, waiting patiently for us
– then humanity will know for itself what action to take. As man thinks and decides in his heart so will the future of humanity prove to be: – for it is the same process for mankind as a whole as it is for the individual. We are not just social creatures – and when the veils are lifted just a little, this becomes obvious. This is our human potential and it is happening today.

The journey from the periphery is human reality, whether we know it or not, whether we are caught up in the affairs of the world or not. It is this journey that science, philosophy and psychology need to plumb, above all else. It has always been the noblest challenge. Fundamentally, the conflict between the periphery and the centre (heart and mind) makes apparent the distinction (so often misunderstood by man) between good and evil. Pure vision has no interpretive veil added to it.

Mind desires many things: – the heart is singular.

These steps back to the center, are recognisable in humanity (although not yet confirmed by science, philosophy and psychology) – and could be the subject of another post.