… On Raising the Level of Collective Consciousness [II]

GUEST POST by jrbarch: To recap what was said about Mind, previously:

  1. Proper use of the mind is just as important as a healthy body and emotions
  2. The fourth noble truth of the Buddha embraced this in his eight-fold path
  3. There are great conditioning ideas that influence mankind
  4. Mind has a regressive tendency to crystallise, compartmentalise, and build walls between compartments
  5. Mind progressively, is essentially a light-bearer (the light of understanding)
  6. Mind receives impressions from the three worlds (physical emotional mental) and is rapidly thrown into thought-forms in response; but it also receives impressions from higher sources
  7. Mind and intellect are picture-makers; the real intelligence is the Observer or Self
  8. Mind is a screen on which is reflected an ‘interpretation’ by the persona of
    1. an impression the senses have generated or pattern the intellect has woven
    2. an impression thrown down by the Observer
    3. an impression from the formless world (abstract mind)
  9. Universal truths such as the existential material psychological and spiritual brotherhood of man and fatherhood of the Divine taught by the Christ, and four noble truths taught by the Buddha, resonate in every human heart – and are handed down to humanity, to germinate as does a seed; branching and descending further downwards into human nature, clothing themselves in the best of human thought possible, awaiting revelation as fact
  10. When mind fails, it fails altogether as fantasy and illusion, sociopathy and psychopathy; lying becomes the norm
  11. Without the heart, mind leads to darkness, bondage, oblivion
  12. In this sense, mind is the slayer of the Real
  13. The journey from the periphery of mind to the centrality of the human heart is human reality: – whether we know it or not, whether we are caught up in the affairs of the world or not
  14. Mind desires many things: – the heart is singular. Mind lives on vapour – the heart lives on substance
  15. Steps back to the center are recognisable in humanity and are the subject of this post

To sum up then: – mind is both a movie-house and a touchscreen, and it is in the minds of (wo)men that the great individual, familial, national and global, dramas and fiasco play out. Think about that for a second: – it all ‘happens’ in people’s heads first, then spills out into the world. The eyes are the window of the soul and the glazing is lower mind. Some windows seem to flicker and cloud, spin and contort – fog up and gather dirt – as though they have a life of their own. No one can stop the rain, but you can have an umbrella so that you do not get wet. In the perennial wisdom, mind is a body, a sheath; just as the physical and emotional bodies are sheaths. Mind is a part, a small drop in the ocean of the Universal Mind: – and whether it is that part used by the atom of matter, the atom that is an ant, the atom that is a human being, or Logos – the ocean forever encompasses the drop. As Kabir said, applying the same thought to existence: ‘ … There is a drop in the ocean, everyone knows that. But that there is an ocean in the drop, only very few know’. Mind as it exists in the human being is not humble. If it could only see above, as far as it can fathom below, looking down into instinctual mind that guides the ant through its brief and hurried existence: – well, it is arrogance that rushes in to fill the vacuum of ignorance. Just as human affairs are far different and elevated from the instinctual life and concerns of the ant, the larger part of current focus will one day prove to be incredibly illusory. We are a race of beings, drifting along in a little solar system, one third out along the trailing arms of the Milky Way. We are yet to meet ourselves face to face; to see beyond mind and its gatekeeper or ‘dweller’, and enter into the clarity and beauty, and simplicity of the realm of the Self.

Self – awareness

The journey back to the Self begins as a reorientation of the personality. We are all familiar with the forces that flow through the bodies, mental, emotional and physical; but when the ‘heart’ begins to awaken in a human being, a new and profound energy is felt, that changes everything. This energy arises from our being, independent of the mind and reasoning faculty. In fact it cannot be grasped by mind (even though we may endlessly discuss it): – it is only to be experienced. It is present in the human personality today, in my view, because of evolution, and manifests broadly as the stability, decency and humanity, inherent kindness and compassion of the race. The human race in its essence is both sound and good: – it is the high degree of evolutionary development of some personas without a corresponding awakening (or denial) of the heart centre that is our problem. Its quality is Harmony, the ‘feeling of peace;’ a tranquillity and sense of profound fulfilment that can arise in the human breast, without reason; from out of nowhere it would seem. It is the enduring longing of the race, for certainty, light, knowledge, and growth. It is the ‘perfume of the divine’ in man.

*(Below I use the word ‘ego’ in its better meaning: – as the soul or heart of a human being. And the word ‘I’ as the wave in the lower mindstuff, whose mind borne dreams we wildly pursue, in the relentless search for truth and contentment).

At first blush then, an aspirant is simply one human being who through the combined efforts of the Observer and the persona, have felt for the first time the reality of a new emergent energy, stirring within the heart – they have ‘noticed’ it so to speak, because the Observer has ‘noticed’ them; a faint connection has been made and the first few tenuous threads of a bridge lain down, that will have to be consciously created later on, as awareness expands. These people often feel there ‘must be more’ to human existence; are a compass set to some distant horizon, a point on a map without a known location or destination; their ear straining to hear a different voice. The voice of their heart is singular and powerful: – it says simply ‘I want to be content’. The world, the mind and its formulas for fulfilment, relations, are not enough. When this happens, profound changes in the personality are afoot, even as daily life slips by.

To quote a Tibetan brother:

… the control of the Ego over the physical body must have reached a high degree of attainment. “The sins of the flesh,” as the Christian phraseology has it, must be dominated; gluttony, drink, and licentiousness must no longer hold sway. The physical elemental will no longer find its demand obeyed; the control must be complete and the lure departed. A general attitude of obedience to the Ego must have been achieved, and the willingness to obey must be very strong. The channel between the higher and the lower is widened, and the obedience of the flesh practically automatic.

Thousands of human beings can experience this ‘peace within’, and indeed, I know (last I heard) of around a million or so on our earth, right here, right now and today – who through the life time work and support of Prem Rawat have been taught the simple techniques of Self-knowledge: – the ability to turn the attention within and feel for themselves, what has always dwelt in their heart; to recognise in the same way as one looks in a mirror, the reality and presence, sovereignty, of the Self. Prem began articulating his message at the age of four. He does not rely on the main stream as media. He speaks simply, of contacting the feeling of peace within – only in terms of fulfilment and joy that everyone can understand, because they already know. He is proud of the fact that he doesn’t tell anybody anything new, but points out to them what they already have; and teaches them how to access it. I wish to point out that the evolutionary context that I place this feeling of peace in, is a personal view. An open heart is the only requisite to feeling peace; even for children. Mind, has to be still. Many more thousands have heard Prem’s message, and I recommend it to you. I would point out, that never in the 200,000 year history of the race, has such an immediate connection been made by the heart of one human being to so many others, resulting in discovery for them, of the Self.
The first step then, is recognising your thirst, developing the understanding needed of what you are about to undertake (without understanding you go nowhere), learning the simple techniques to go within, and experiencing the Self.

“Bread’ is the arcane symbol of this first step, because it is registered in the physical brain, taken in the world, and recorded by the waking consciousness – the connection available to the aspirant every moment from that time forth. The effect on the personality is profoundly transformative, slowly ushering in great changes in attitude towards him and his fellowmen, as contact with the energy of the Self is strengthened, known, accepted, widened and experienced, beyond all theory and doubt. A new orientation towards life and a new world of thought is registered and the hiatus between the old life of the personality and the ‘new man’ is clarified. The ancient war, raging in the personality between the old life of materiality and selfish ends, and the new and inner realisation of the reality of the above unity and path within, foretold by the Christ and Buddha, becomes crystal clear, and a Choice is made. A Commitment is made – by the heart; and the mind through understanding, slowly concurs. A human being can only make a real commitment to something that is real. The necessity of “bread’ and establishing humane stable conditions, dignity peace and prosperity on the outside, so that we can enjoy being alive – and enjoy the inner development to proceed without distraction, is also plainly evident. Why else should we come to this planet earth?

Just as the aspirant establishes a new relation to himself, he sees the need for right human relations in the outer world. He sees the need for ‘soul-infused’ personalities. It is only the higher energy of the heart that can condition and control the lower energy of mind; just as it is mind that must control the emotional nature through balancing of the opposites; and a calm emotional nature imparts strength and stability to the physical body. The relation of this new stimulus to the physical personality also impacts the relation between the sexes and the forces of sexual expression, and after the upheaval, bring about a revolution in attitudes, practices and moral perceptions. In the period passing men have laboured in the workshops and factories to produce the plethora of objects we deem necessary for our happiness; but in the period before the aspirant, ugliness and materiality give way to creativity in all fields of human endeavour, that better expresses the inner beauty and reality. This has been true I have noticed over the last forty-two years, in the above group taught by Prem. It is true of all groups who are stimulated by the heart.

It is this new energy awaiting evolutionary stimulus (for me, initiated in the group effect of Prem’s work) that holds the key, and potential, to bring order out of our mind-born chaos and conflicting ‘I’s, and usher in the new world order for which humanity awaits; restoring ancient landmarks, new institutions, civilisation and culture; and nurture the new state of consciousness which advanced humanity will both register and seize, as opportunity. Mind is a partner that needs to be open and receptive: like a parachute – not of much use otherwise. Mind is an unlit candle by itself.

The first evolutionary task of this new energy is the more effective controlling and stabilisation of the emotional body rendering the aspirant of greater service to humanity, in the value and quality of his work in his chosen field – during which time the mental equipment grows steadily. The aspirant now begins to lay the foundations of future steps, expressing consciously and increasingly a desire to help his fellowmen, establish relationship with them, and make his life creative in many ways. The ‘I’ is seen as an illusion of the mindstuff and self-centredness begins to disappear; purity of motive arises. Self-awareness is in relation to the outer senses, the inner sense of ‘touch’. The aspirant touches the Self, widening the contact as he can from moment to moment, day by day; and through feeling, begins to absorb its qualities. For the rest of his life and happily so – gratitude is the first expression of his heart; serenity is at its core.

Self – and the emotions

Of course nothing in Nature is linear; the ‘steps’ mentioned here are simply recognition that certain processes have reached a stage.

Having conquered the physical body, the complete subjugation of the emotional body, through sacrifice and death of personal desire, is the next step. The lower nature is rapidly dying out and the Self grips the two lower vehicles and bends them to its will. Aspiration and the longing to serve, love, become so strong that rapid progress is possible. The aspirant finds his ‘voice’ and develops the power to utter that which is helpful in some form of service. A vision is accorded of world need, the personal point of view is submerged and the necessity for control over the mind is made evident; the manipulation of thought matter and the laws of creative thought-form building are studied. Knowledge of the personality life of humanity becomes deeper and mastery of the laws of the aspirant’s own nature proceeds apace. Too fanatical an adherence to this program of aspiration and devotion can become problematic, but as the aspirant develops mentally, these problems are weighed and resolved.

Increasingly, an aspirant finds it is his emotional nature that lets him down, and the problem of finding a mental footing to resist the potency of the world glamor arrayed against him, and the chaos of his emotional reactions, becomes clear. He realises that to proceed he must demonstrate emotional control, and have access to those energies which will help bring about order in his physical world, dissipate emotional instability and glamor, and illumine and clear the mind; the focus being on ‘calming the waters’. As the Self pours more of its energies down into the bodies of the persona, tremendous difficulties are produced. The weeds are strengthened along with the divine ‘seed’. The same happens with the aspirant we call humanity. The world is caught up in the glamor of greed and power; materiality. Each must become master of their own individual situation. The ensuing storm aroused in the emotional nature, the dark clouds and mists, the ’war that begins in the minds of men’, hatred and separation must all be cleared away, so that all that remains is aspiration, a sensitive response to the divine life in all, and an emotional body through which the lowest aspect of divine love and goodwill can flow, unimpeded. Only then can the mental body operate with clear unimpeded thought. It is this struggle to clear the world atmosphere that is the work at hand today, and there are many ‘nightwatchmen’ labouring heroically at the coal face.

The world’s ideologies have emerged as powerful conditioning forces, necessary prisons, which intensify emotional and ideological reactions, crystallisation of thought, and adherence to mass idealism – providing points of crisis and points of tension which enable aspirants in their thousands to take this second step, and undergo the purification of the fluid emotional nature. Too quick a resolution would not be helpful, as what is needed is evolutionary Time, to work out these forces in the crucible of human experience thoroughly. Desire has been forced into great mass concepts, and governs the mass tendency towards mental unfoldment. Desire too, has been lifted out of its purely self-centred focus, to manifest as mass expression, currently manipulated by tptb. Old ideals and institutions are seen divorced from their controlling glamors and new and better ideologies are emerging slowly in the consciousness of the race; along with pressing environmental and social needs. This new point of crisis and tension forming is the field of service of many aspirants who in their thousands are preparing themselves, through purification of the fluid emotional nature and free thought, to take this next step. ‘Water’ is the symbol of this stage, and through increasing soul contact and the light shed on the world’s ideologies the glamors in the aspirants own mind are dissipated and they are ‘seeing through’ to the human struggle behind all of the world’s events. People just don’t see a human being anymore – lost to the world is the ‘human’ being. I wish to make a personal note here, and express how deeply indebted I feel, and respectful I am, towards all of these real soldiers. They are true warriors. Some of them recognise the Self; some do not. It makes no difference (it is not a linear process).

From the Tibetan:

When this state of consciousness has been achieved and the “waters” of the astral body are quiet and can reflect the beautiful and the true, and when his emotions have been purified by intense self-effort, then the disciple can step into the baptismal waters; he is then subjected to an intense purificatory experience which, occultly speaking, enables him “for ever to step out of the waters and be no longer in danger of drowning or of submergence”; he can now “walk on the surface of the sea and with safety proceed onward towards his goal.”

The aspirant is freed from a tendency to crystallisation of thought, reaction to imprisoning ideologies, or devotion and fanatical adherence to mass ideals, and has an understanding of their originating impulse (seed) in the evolution of the soul. His former devotion to an ideology is widened and transformed to devotion to human welfare – everywhere, in the form of right human relations, expressed in all facets of human life; and he begins to work far more effectively in the struggle to clear the world atmosphere (as daunting as that struggle may seem). It is not a matter of shovelling the darkness out: – it is a matter of light – one little candle can illuminate a darkened room. The change in the aspirant’s personality is noted by the world (already known in the inner world) and he is recognised as a worker for peace, justice and human dignity.

Self – and the mind

The aspirant must now learn to focus consciousness on the mental plane (as once it was occupied physically or emotionally), unswayed by the lower desires and emotion, unshackled from the great conditioning ideologies – with a ‘fresh slate’ as it were. Complete control over the lower mental body and freedom from the ‘I’ is the aim. This entails an understanding of ‘mental energy’ or ‘the ray of concrete science’ as it is known, impacting the substance of the mind, and characterised by three qualities:

  1. Abstract mind – emanating from the spiritual world or atmic level of the Spiritual Triad; spiritual will
  2. Love-wisdom – producing in conjunction with emanations from the three worlds, the one existent form in the higher mental body, the ego or soul, the ‘heart’ of a human being
  3. The myriad of thought forms pertaining to the three worlds in the lower mental body

– together, creating the kaleidoscopic impressions that populate the mind. In the perennial wisdom, the brain exists because the mind exists, and needs a brain as a focal point in the physical world.

The substance of the mental body is ‘gaseous’ volatile, easily dispersed, and can be poisonous in its effect – shutting out illumination. . However, the energy-substance that is the mind, is essentially a highly receptive light-bearer and transmitter; that is its purpose once all of the bodies are developed, integrated and controlled. A lower form of Samadhi is when awareness of all of the lower bodies has slipped below consciousness (like instinctual mind of the human animal), and only illumination (being) remains.

The concrete mind therefore, is impacted by five streams of informative energy from the physic-emotional plane; three streams from the soul, and one stream from the Triad as the third step is undertaken. The concrete mind is the common sense, synthesising, ordering all of these impacts, and creating the multiplicity of thought-forms we call “world thought”. Divine ideas (energy) are transformed into human ideals and knowledge, to become workable factors in human evolution, culture, and civilisation. These thought-forms are broadly, in human terms – Science, Philosophy and Psychology.

The masses create disjointed, unconnected and uncorrected thought-forms, under the influence of desire; tptb are more mentally focused and personally wilful (without access to the spiritual will, or pure reason – love/wisdom) and lie blatantly about everything, deliberately muddying the waters and polluting the atmosphere; concrete knowledge in its purest form searches for truth. The world’s religions are not at this moment controlled by concrete knowledge, which makes them the vague, speculative, mystical and glamor-controlled systems they are. Economics seems to be a funny mixture of religion and ‘appropriated’ and poorly executed science. The pursuit of concrete knowledge has also been debased and corrupted by materialism and human greed. Science too, needs to be animated by good-will, else it will go nowhere.

All of these smaller steps in discipline, training, and control of the mental body, are preparatory and necessary to the third and momentous step of spiritual awakening. For this, 200,000 years of evolution has been trodden, as though Time didn’t matter at all (time is a limitation of the brain consciousness). There must be a growing sense of oneness in the persona and a high level of integration between all the bodies. The existence of a closed mind on a national scale is dangerous in the extreme, just as the individual is in a dangerous “state of mind” when he closes it to world contact, world news, and world understanding, refusing to admit to new ideas and new modes of behaviour; different cultural and civil views. We all know how tptb manipulate this dialogue – divided we fall. For humanity as a whole, all cleavages need to be healed, all ideologies resolved, before transfiguration is possible. That is a long way in front of the race at the moment. High potency energy needs a sound, strong and stable responder, else the signal will shatter it . The natural telepathic faculties and impressionability of the human mind should be more widely recognised – unity is a fact in nature. The world suffers and we all feel the pain and carry the burden. We also respond beautifully to joy!

The cultures and civilisations of the old world order are rapidly falling away and people are uncertain of the new. I completely agree with economists of the need for a revised monetary system based on human need and environmental responsibility and the cessation of aggressiveness and greed. $money goes into virtually every single household on the planet and should be a public good; a symbol of creative human energy, and a part of the commons like the four elements. The concrete mind is responsible for the production of the millions of material things men deem essential to their well-being; on the emotional plane it is the diverse religious impulses, mysticism and emotional conditioning of desire; in the mental body, it is the millions of ideas, concepts, overarching philosophies and ideologies that underpin these. Everything crystallises in the human consciousness, and man sees himself in the mirror of his own mind and in the mirror of the world, where upon the ladder of evolution he stands, and ruminates over what is right for him, and what is wrong.

An aspirant’s thought-forms seek synthesis. Once the desire nature is overcome, and the aspirant learns to stand outside of the ‘worldly mind’, the use of the intellect becomes easier and more focused. The above triangular nature of the mind is now dominant (abstract, love-wisdom, concrete knowledge) and recognised as different energies, with different ‘qualities’, ‘rates of vibration’ ‘directional effects’. Words are a poor substitute for feeling and experience.

The physical body has been transmuted, the emotional nature transformed; now the transfiguring work for the integrated personality is carried forward. The transmuting agent is the mind; the transforming agent is the soul; whilst the transfiguring agent is known in the perennial wisdom as the Spiritual Triad, working through higher or abstract mind. This involves yet again a ‘new’ contact, just as contact with the Self was new for the mind; just as the birth of a new member in a family is new for all related. The result is the human being awakens spiritually, in a realm far above and beyond the world of the Self, and yet is still connected to the persona in the earth world far below. He sees for the first time, the spiritual spark that is the essence of his Self, the progenitor of the Self, dancing in the divine Sun of which it is a part. The ‘father in heaven’ is known; where he comes from is known; where he will go is known; what he must do is known; the Breath that supports him is known; his ‘brothers on earth’ are known. The persona, far below, evolved as a conduit for Life is known. The Self as a bridging entity is known. All else becomes secondary. He senses something of what is ahead; that this step is in reality the first. That finally, he is born. Alive. Conscious. The work he has left to do with his own persona is known.

Just as the battle with Glamor prepared his emotional body, the battle with Illusion prepares his mental body for the dynamic power that shatters all of his thought-forms in this third event. Whatever he has loved in the three worlds falls back to the earth and the soul is rededicated, recommitted to the Divine; the persona reoriented. Illusion is, in the last analysis, the control of mental processes by great and massive ideologies and thought-forms.

As a result of this transfiguring event, higher mind brings to the aspirant an understanding of group purpose and the evolutionary plan; love-wisdom emanating from the buddhic plane anchors the aspirant in pure reason, freeing him from glamor, and slowly creating an emotional body capable of feeling and revealing the divine energy of Love; whilst the dynamic energy of the atmic plane pours into the lower mind and begins slowly to reveal the will-to-good, essentially the ‘will’ (to use a human term) or direction of that universal energy which has created us (I know lots of people have an emotional and conceptual reaction to the word G.O.D. – generator, operator, destroyer – it means exactly the same thing).

After the third step, we reach out to higher expansions of consciousness. Teaching about these further steps is available to the aspirant. The fourth step involves destruction of the Self altogether and a direct connection is made between the spiritual Triad and the persona (a Master is someone who has mastered all of the steps of purely human evolution). There are world initiates coming into incarnation at this time, who can read words like these, with great feeling and great understanding.

This step is much harder to describe in words, because it involves an event where the entire personality and Self are flooded in light, at an elevation, far above both. It involves an appreciation and experience of Being – not mind. From the street lamps to the stars is no exaggeration. When the physical body is pure, the emotional body serene, and the mental body controlled, the dedicated and committed aspirant can safely contact that which has given him birth. The heart is now sufficiently pure and loving, and the intellect sufficiently stable, to stand the strain of knowing.


I have not directly mentioned my Teacher in this brief foray into one tiny human aspect of the perennial wisdom. My Master is both within me and without – there is no conflict in my heart in the matter. I am not a fisherman, nor a goatherd, shepherd or leader. I am a student. I believe people should take their own steps on their own two feet. This is not an academic work and no citations are given. I am not interested in promoting any one Teacher or a belief system. A cursory Google search would soon ascertain the literature from which the above steps in consciousness are taken, but in caveat: – most of what I read on the internet is nonsense, written by mystics or hate groups with little mental appreciation developed, in my view. If you are curious, read the original. I have seen it put very bright people to sleep. Most who may read this (if any) are busy with the affairs of the concrete mind and rightly so: – and have no way of ascertaining whether or not the above information is an accurate portrayal of what exists in Nature. An aspirant will find his own way to the teaching he requires, without my help, based on his own experience. I am happy to have the above read as a signpost, a symbol in the outer world, that there may be more to the inner constitution of a human being than people find time to think about. Ergo, there may be more to the tumult of the world. If psychologists were to delve deeper into human experience and the perennial wisdom, instead of focusing solely on the personality and its problems, some illumination would occur. Science too, may hopefully play a role, extending the physical world (earth, water, air, fire) to the three physical ethers that enclose all of Space; and establish in an investigation into death, working with an influx of true psychics, the continued existence of the emotional and mental bodies once the physic-etheric has been shed, and their subsequent ‘death’ on their own planes. To Space-Time would be added Space-Time-Being. All of this would bring us close to the entity on the higher mental levels we call the soul where a true (sevenfold) human psychology begins, and the first rung on the ladder to the Triad is found. The three-fold personality is a reflection of this formless Triad.

What does exist as fact is revealed in the work of Prem Rawat, and his ability to connect people to the ‘feeling’ of the Divine within. Prem would be the first to tell you he has no exclusive rights to this feeling. He is a facilitator. The important thing is to get connected, if you want to; however that happens for you. I don’t know of anyone who regrets it. Why would anyone regret getting in touch with an ocean of joy, with no limit? The people who have done so are as diverse as the human population itself: the heart does not have boundaries.

As indicated above, the connection grows and widens, having far reaching effects on the human persona, until the inner sense of ‘sight’ opens, and the aspirant stands face to face with the divine. But even at the stage of feeling, the Divine is reality. It is no longer a question of hope or belief; it is not an intellectual or philosophic debate, or the sole province of religion. It transcends inclusively, Science, Philosophy and Psychology. It is Knowledge, knowing: – as sure as you know there is a Sun in a bright blue azure sky, which fills you full of well-being and warmth. As Prem says re pure faith, hope, and belief: ”they are good … but it is better to know”. Human beings who declare there is no G.O.D. are both right and wrong, and incredibly humorous. There is no man-made God with very human traits, flowing beard and piercing eyes that compromise your privacy; but consciousness is energy and energy is Life. Life creates evolution and evolution creates consciousness. I don’t know why? I am just glad that it does. Any human being who is placed in contact with the Life within, immediately experiences his Divine, and calls it for what it is. The Divine is obvious – no discussion is necessary; just as the taste of a mango is obvious. Our existence is not hidden under some rock somewhere. Intellect should not be so proud of the darkness in which it walks. Not even higher mind has anything to say about the Divine: – there is nothing in the human consciousness that can comprehend the divine; it can only be experienced and enjoyed. It exists – that is reason enough to get in contact with it. One day, it will be our sovereign reality. And the abundance and joy of Life will be made plain – in contrast to today’s warring, and meanness of our ideologies; our human fear and cowardice; the Self-deprivation we impose upon each other out of smallness of being, in an iron age of austerity. If you want to be austere, kill out the lower desires – because you love your brother so much – you want nothing to get in the way!

To the God Who is in the Fire and Who is in the waters;

To the God Who has suffused Himself through all the world;

To the God Who is in summer plants and in the lords of the forest;

To that God be adoration, adoration.

[Sh-vet Upanishad, II.17}

”The most magnificent achievement of mankind will be peace on earth”. [Prem Rawat]

Let the heart be the judge.