Professor Bill Mitchell in New Zealand Discussing MMT

This is a presentation by Professor Bill Mitchell at the University of Victoria, Wellington, New Zealand on July 28, 2017. It addresses framing of the macroeconomic policy debate and touches on the most fundamental insights of Modern Monetary Theory. Most here will be avid readers of the professor’s blog, but this talk is too good not to post. While in New Zealand, Professor Mitchell also did an interview for the public broadcaster. A link can be found in the billy blog post of July 31, 2017.


1 thought on “Professor Bill Mitchell in New Zealand Discussing MMT

  1. This is good…this is something I can show my friends (who hate reading) about how tax-payers don’t fund anything…I talk about my model a lot to them but they can’t grasp it and think I’ve lost my marbles because they can’t get passed this simple fact

    However, I disagree with Mitchell on some things, because he like most out there, seem to think we all want to exchange our labours for money and treat everything as a commodity to be exploited for profit

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