Taking Demand VERY Seriously


Here is evidence of MMT participation in the OWS. I can’t name those pictured, but the MMT cap is a dead giveaway!

My good friend rvm sent me the photos. Along with Randall Wray, Pavlina Tcherneva and other forward thinking people, he spent the day handing out flyers produced by New Economic Perspectives, and chatting to bloggers, student journalists, alternative media, and fellow occupiers.


7 thoughts on “Taking Demand VERY Seriously

  1. Regarding the privacy, wise move, Senexx. Even if I could have, I wouldn’t really have named anyone. But that cap is hard to deny. :-)

  2. It was great the NEP people, led by Prof. Wray, made the long car trip to Zuccotti Park and Time Square!

    I also want to thank Paolo Barnard for his suggestion for an MMT flier.


    I printed 1000 copies of it with a little addition about the so-called public “debt”, nongov. wealth, gov. deficit, nongov. surplus, and with the change suggested by Selise in the comment section of this blog


    OWS and MMT need each other. We only have to help OWS realize it too.

  3. Yes, we gotta take damn demand VERY seriously. :-)

    I forgot to mention that I borrowed the demand slogan from Warren Mosler. Thank you, Warren!

  4. That’s awesome, rvm! Keep up the good work. I know this wasn’t the first time you’ve attended OWS to chat with people.

    Also, I should have guessed the genius of Mosler was somehow involved. :-)

    Great stuff.

  5. I really like the emphasis of Paolo’s flyer on economic democracy and meeting human needs.

    The meaning of the last sentence is clear, but it could be tweaked. Maybe something like:

    Tell your Representative that as from today your vote is conditional on the implementation of people-­empowering economic policy and laws to regulate the Wall St. elites, or he/she can forget it.

    What I like best about the flyer is its insistence that just going after a few crooks on Wall Street won’t achieve much. The change has to be more fundamental than that. Our problems are not caused by a few greedy individuals. They are systemic.

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