The Divine Truth Message of Jesus and Mary

I’m not sure how well known this is outside Australia, but a couple here claim to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene, soulmates who have reincarnated on earth as Alan John Miller (“AJ”) and Mary Suzanne Luck. Currently based in Kingaroy, Queensland, they teach a message of Divine Truth. I only became aware of the situation while browsing YouTube, where various hatchet jobs by current affairs TV shows can be found. Predictably, the shows portray the pair as dangerous, chilling cult leaders. Rather than provide links to these offerings (they are easily locatable on YouTube), I will allow the corresponding Wikipedia entry to suffice. It is actually no more informative than the TV shows, and about as hostile. So, finding myself none the wiser and by now intrigued, I decided to look into the matter.

An internet search soon uncovered the Divine Truth website, which provides copious written materials and many hours of video presentations free of charge, with more planned for the future. In sampling the presentations, it soon became evident that the stories told by the current affairs journalists and Wikipedia entry were off base. Most notably, despite allegations to the contrary, AJ does not claim to be God but an ordinary man who in the first century found a way to ‘at-onement’ with God, a way that he teaches is open equally to all. Above all, AJ emphasizes the importance of developing a desire for truth and love in a spirit of humility.

What follows is an attempt at an introductory point-form summary of AJ and Mary’s teachings about themselves and the universe. To the best of my understanding, they assert the following:

— The Christian doctrine of the trinity is a false teaching
— Jesus was just a regular person who found a way to at-onement with God while still on earth, a way that can be followed by all
— God is a soul entity, outside and independent of the universe
— Neither Jesus nor anybody else is, or ever can be, God
— By the term ‘holy spirit’ in the first century Jesus meant one of the energies of God, specifically the energy that enables at-onement (other energies of God include the energy of creativity and the energy of life)
— The doctrine of the crucifixion as a sacrifice for the sins of others is a false teaching
— God is loving, not punishing or vengeful
— The path to God is either through the ‘law of compensation’ (karma) or ‘divine love’ (which Jesus called ‘the way’)
— God creates each soul as one half of a whole (‘soul mates’) that can eventually join as one (in ‘soul union’) after incarnating separately on earth and advancing further in the spirit and celestial realms
— A proportion of soul mates are of the same gender
— Reincarnation as normally taught is a false teaching, but can occur as a matter of free will in cases where soul mates reach union, which doesn’t occur until sphere 36 (in earlier presentations AJ speaks of 22 spheres, or dimensions, but now recalls more)
— Jesus, Mary and some others (seven soulmate pairs in total) chose to reincarnate to teach, since the aim, ultimately, is to raise the state of earth to that of the highest sphere
— There are 6 spheres that can be traversed through ‘natural love’ (irrespective of beliefs, and utilizing the love with which God has imbued us)
— The 7th sphere can only be reached through ‘divine love’ which requires genuine longing for God’s divine truth and love in humility (this is ‘the way’)
— Humility has a special definition, in this context, as a longing to feel one’s emotions so as to release negative emotions (without acting upon them) and embracing gifts
— ‘Prayer’ also has a particular definition, referring to a genuine longing for God’s truth and love, felt in the heart, not in words spoken aloud or in the mind
— God never communicates with us through words, only through feelings
— If we hear words or voices, they are those of spirits (people who have died on earth and now live somewhere in the spirit world), who, depending on their ‘fruits’ may be discerned as loving (and higher than us, seeking to help us) or unloving
— The 7th sphere is the lowest of the ‘celestial spheres’
— There are currently 36 spheres
— It is always possible for a person to visit spheres lower than the one they have currently attained but normally not higher spheres (although occasionally this can occur, if deemed appropriate, with the help of someone from a higher sphere)
— Jesus was the first on this planet (though not the first if other planets are included) to reach the 36th sphere, but by now others on this planet have also reached it
— Jesus of the first century did not reach the 36th sphere straight from earth, but the 10th sphere
— This is the highest a human has ever entered the spirit world straight from earth
— The vast majority of people enter the spirit world in the 1st sphere (which has many levels), some in the 2nd, and a rare few in the 3rd
— It is difficult to enter straight into the 3rd sphere because this requires living completely in truth (no facade) on earth
— Nevertheless, life goes on in the spirit world, where progress can continue indefinitely
— At-onement with God is required before entering the 7th sphere, and this can only be done through divine love
— Perfection in natural love is sufficient to be in the 6th sphere (which is the original level of the Garden of Eden)
— Since ‘the fall’ (which involved humans wanting or believing themselves to be God), the state of earth has descended to the equivalent of the hells (lower parts of sphere 1) in the spirit world
— However, sphere 1 has many levels, the highest of which are much better than the current state of earth, while the lowest are much worse
— Children who die enter ‘summer land’, which is the top of the 1st sphere, and receive further instruction
— So, for each soul, there is really just one (potentially infinite) life that continues from the material earthly life through the spirit life
— A person has a soul, spirit body and material body
— The spirit body has more capabilities than the material body, and increasingly so as the state of the soul progresses
— Art, music, science, philosophy, etc., continue in the spirit world, at a higher level than currently occurs on earth (except in the lowest parts of the 1st sphere)
— Actions on earth affect the state of the soul, both positively and negatively, and the effects continue to be worked through in the spirit body and spirit world
— There is no Satan, although the most degraded souls are currently worse than any Satan we could probably imagine
— Even so, the hells are not a permanent state, unless chosen by the soul, and all can eventually reach at-onement with God if they desire it
— Like attracts like: the current state of the soul determines the location in the spirit world, and this location will be populated by like-minded spirits
— Death of the material body can be confusing because of false beliefs accumulated on earth through religion, philosophy, politics, science, etc.
— Accordingly, there are still different religious beliefs (including atheism), ideologies, etc., in the first 6 spheres of the spirit world
— The best attitude is never to be adamant about beliefs that are not really known to be true, but rather to be open to truth (be in humility)
— With this attitude, progress can be quite rapid in the spirit world, because spirits in higher states are keen to help spirits in lower states if they are willing to learn new truth
— This process also occurs on earth, but because of the low state of earth, many of the influences are negative (since even spirits in the lowest condition of love have access to the first sphere)
— Here, too, like attracts like: negative spirits are attracted to those in a negative state on earth, while higher spirits seek to help those receptive to reaching a higher state
— However, we are all a mix of positive and negative, and so are subjected to both positive and negative influences, which requires discernment
— Closed-mindedness holds back progress; for instance, a guru perfect in natural love who believes him or herself to be God would be temporarily stuck (albeit blissfully) in the 6th sphere
— At-onement involves not only acting lovingly but wanting to act in that way; for example, adulterous thoughts are “adultery in the heart”
— Wanting to act in accordance with love is possible by processing (but not acting upon) the ‘causal emotions’ underneath the unloving desire and, above all, by desiring and receiving God’s divine love
— Love does not demand anything of anybody else or seek to control, and is self-fulfilled, so sometimes what we think of as loving is not, and vice versa
— For example, if something feels like self-sacrifice it is unloving to self, so either the recipient of the act is being unloving in receiving it or the actor does not yet have desires in accord with love
— The material body is connected to the spirit body by a silver cord
— In the sleep state, the spirit body (which does not need rest) leaves the material body to engage with other people in the sleep state
— Someone who represses emotions in the material body may act out the emotions, whether positive or negative, in the sleep state, due to more transparency in the spirit world, and in doing so affect their soul condition
— It is possible to remember the sleep state activities of the spirit body, but we usually don’t
— A dream just before waking is usually our spirit body trying to send our material mind a message to help us remember something relevant to our emotional state
— Alternatively, though less frequently, a dream can be a snippet remembered from the sleep state

The above summary gives undue weight to the claims AJ and Mary make about themselves and the universe, basically because the media has deliberately misrepresented them at this basic level. However, the vast majority of video time (probably 90+%) concerns ‘the way’ to receiving divine truth and love.

The Divine Truth message, as AJ and Mary point out, builds on earlier work: 1) The Padgett Messages (in four volumes), 2) the Through the Mists trilogy, and 3) the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

The videos can be found on the Divine Truth and Divine Truth FAQ YouTube channels. An interesting place to start is the section called Overview of Divine Truth Series, especially “Secrets of the Universe” and “The Way”.

There is also a two-part interview (here and here) with AJ about his claimed first-century life as Jesus.