The Triennial Heteconomist Report

It’s been about three years since the blog started. Out of curiosity I decided to trundle through the record books to see which posts had fared best in the popularity stakes and how this list compared with my personal favorites. It is not an exact science, as any blogger will be aware. The list is not definitive, although the identity of the top post is obvious. The make-up of the rest of the list is also fairly clear, but not its ordering. Early posts are disadvantaged, because the blog has obviously grown over time. By the same token, early posts listed on the Posts To Read First page receive a boost. They tend to get a steady but modest flow of readers over time. Anyway, without further ado …

Most Popular Posts

1. Why So Many Jobs Are Crappy (Warning: Humor)
2. What We in the 1 Percent Don’t Want the 99 Percent To Know (Warning: Humor)
3. An Introduction to Marx’s Theory of Value With Multiple Sectors
4. Fiat Money and its Social Significance
5. Budget Deficits and Net Private Saving
6. What Everyone Should Know About Budget Deficits and Public Debt
7. Why Neoliberals Pretend Private Debt Doesn’t Matter and Public “Debt” Does
8. Feds Starving States to Concoct Funding Imperatives
9. A Truth Slips Past MSM Gatekeepers

It was a pleasant surprise for me that the post on Marx’s theory of value with multiple sectors appears to have a clear top-five position, if not precisely top three. By contrast, an earlier attempt at an MMT/Marx “crossover post”, Melting Some Marx into MMT, attracted much less interest. Evidently Marxists disdain MMT as much as MMTers disdain Marxists. Attempting to cater to both must have sullied things for everyone. At least I liked it.

There are three entries from the ‘Posts to Read First’ page, which is predictable enough. Most others in the list are benefiting from being recent posts, although the ‘Humor’ post about what the 1 percent don’t want us to know was a clear second. There was daylight and then some between the ‘crappy jobs’ post and second spot, and then daylight again between the ‘1 percent’ post and third spot.

It is mildly disheartening that an intended-to-be-humorous post on crappy jobs turned out to be such a standout in terms of popularity. It does little to discuss the things this blog was actually created to explore: most notably, MMT and more broadly an understanding of the opportunities opened up by currency sovereignty, as well as the TSSI of Marx and some Kalecki. The fact it was in the humor section was also largely missed because many readers were one-time-only readers and so not familiar with the blog. It seemed to strike a raw nerve with some of them, the idea that their job might be crappy. (Joking.) No wonder they never returned. Oh well. Thanks for coming.

The fact another ‘Humor’ post is in second spot would rub additional salt into the wound except that at least there was some MMT content in it.

I’ll give an honorable mention to Debt and Taxes, which was the most read post for a long time, back when the blog had fewer readers. Its age has caught up with it.

Some of the popular posts are among my personal favorites, but, having qualified as most popular, are deemed ineligible for inclusion in the following list:

Personal Favorites

1. Job Or Income Guarantee
2. Proposal for an Interim Society Prior to Utopia
3. Fiat Money is Logically Prior to Capital
4. Implications of a Purely Mechanized Economy
5. Are They Getting Away With It? (Warning: Humor)
6. Nobel-nomics

After all that, however, the most important MMT contribution ever to heteconomist is ‘MMT The Movie’, courtesy of Trixie:

Amusing and Informative MMT Video

I can’t end the report without acknowledging the major contributors to the comments over the past three years. In alphabetical order: _Trixie, Andy, Detroit Dan, Hacky The Hufrex, Jim O’Reilly, jrbarch, Magpie, Mario, Neil Wilson, Peter D, PG, RyanVMarkov, Senexx, Sergio, Tom Hickey. No doubt I’ve missed some I shouldn’t have, for which I apologize. In any case, what a motley crew. Thank you.


8 thoughts on “The Triennial Heteconomist Report

  1. Peter, can you please put an underscore in front of my moniker (ie, _Trixie), so I can be immediately bumped to the front of the line?


  2. Peter,

    “By contrast, an earlier attempt at an MMT/Marx ‘crossover post’, Melting Some Marx into MMT, attracted much less interest. Evidently Marxists disdain MMT as much as MMTers disdain Marxists. Attempting to cater to both must have sullied things for everyone. At least I liked it.”

    This doesn’t sound quite right, to me. (BTW, I also like Melting)

  3. Trixie: Done. 🙂 Anyone else want special favors?

    Magpie: I reflected a bit after posting and realized the timing of the posts had a lot to do with it. The melting post was put up early in March of this year. Late in the same month I put up the crappy jobs post and then, immediately following it but five days later, the Marx with multiple sectors post. This undoubtedly gave it a big boost that flowed into the next month before coming back down to reality. Basically the crappy jobs post caused a massive increase (proportionately) in blog traffic over a brief three-day period from March 30 to April 1. Then things went way back down, but to a “new normal” which was a bit above the old normal. There was some sustained benefit, but not much. Slow steady growth seems to do the trick better than a one-off effect, at least in this case. BTW, melting did okay. Just nothing out of the ordinary.

  4. Well Peter, I liked your Marx MMT crossover stuff. I’d still like to have you on the my podcast ‘From Alpha To Omega’ to talk about it – i’ve been trying to get marxists and mmt-ers to talk about this for a while with little success…..

  5. Thanks, Tom. At this stage I still need to work through the connections and do some more reading. Hopefully I will have something worth saying on the matter down the track.

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