Theory of Free National Currencies – MMT Round Table in Bulgaria

Ryan Markov has posted a couple of excellent videos from the MMT Round Table that was held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 9 November 2013. The presenters were Warren Mosler, Pavlina Tcherneva and Ryan. The latter two spoke in Bulgarian. Warren spoke in English. The first video is of the main presentation. The part in English takes up the first 53 minutes or so. The second video is of answers to questions. The part in English comprises the first 25 minutes. The Round Table focused on fundamental aspects of sovereign currencies, the benefits of going off a currency board and the steps to take in doing so.


3 thoughts on “Theory of Free National Currencies – MMT Round Table in Bulgaria

  1. Thank you for publishing it, Peter!

    Don’t forget that you actually opened the MMT front in Bulgaria by introducing me to the theory 5 years ago. Time flys and we haven’t elected the first MMT government anywhere in the world yet. Gotta do it soon!

  2. Great work, Ryan. I enjoyed the talk by Warren and was frustrated my Bulgarian language skills (nonexistent) were insufficient to follow the talks by yourself and Pavlina. It’s fantastic to see Bulgarian economists and media taking an interest in MMT. I like their name for it, too: Theory of Free National Currencies. It’s apt. Effective use of a sovereign currency has the potential to be liberating for many.

  3. Warren spoke in English

    I wonder why no one else did. Also, Happy Australian Thanksgiving Day! ~An American

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