Video Time Again

Another entertaining, incisive video by Donna D’Souza. This one compares the growth and distributive outcomes under the immediate postwar and neoliberal policy regimes.


7 thoughts on “Video Time Again

  1. (Btw, thanks for not internet-vampire-squidding the title this time around as the worst.communist.ever)


  2. Peter,

    Tyler Cowen informs us that Average is Over for 90% of the population.

    Apparently, it is those that excel at technology (and not statistics) who will be thrust into the top 10% — also known as the 99.99th percentile — that will reap all the social and economic rewards. So it’s important we keep a log of our tech-savvy accomplishments along the way:

    You: Hey, I tweeted once! POINTS.
    Me: Hey, I made a Digital L:0L™ once! POINTS.

    See? Just like that. Because when we are awarded our first can of beans, the digital rain of hellfire we’ll launch behind our avatars will know no bounds. Along with a barrage of Grumpy Cat pics.


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