We’re Wealthier Now, We Can’t Afford That Anymore

Have you noticed how things we used to be able to do are beyond our capabilities now?

We finally reached a point where we were able to provide free university education. Then we grew wealthier, and some countries couldn’t afford it anymore.

Some of us still have universal public health care systems, but they’re increasingly a chronic burden. Maybe they made sense once, but it’s only a matter of time before they go. Sure, Cuba can do it, but they’re poorer than us.

Those impoverished Soviets somehow managed, all those decades ago, to provide free housing, health care and education, subsidized holiday accommodation, guaranteed employment and virtually free public transport. There’s no way we could ever have done anything like that, let alone in these prosperous times.

We used to be able to provide unemployment compensation, welfare benefits and old-aged and disability pensions, but now that we’re wealthier, those programs are sending us broke.

There was a time when you’d find highways without tolls. You wouldn’t stand for it now.

Our utilities were once publicly provided. This had to stop. When we privatize, the charges go up. So we privatize some more, to compensate.

We used to be able to carry out endless, unjustified wars on a whim, whereas now …

And remember when TV offered quality entertainment and newspapers were informative? Oh, wait. No, neither can I.

Carry on …